Elaine H Pearsons, Point-O-Graphy Portraits

The process of coloring, cutting, and pasting photography lends itself to the aspects of portraiture. Elaine's work has been commissioned for various personal collections:



Mr and Mrs Michael Ovitz, studio executive, Los Angeles

Mr Richard Donner and Ms Lauren Shuler-Donner, film producer / Los Angeles.California

Ms Amanda McBroom, singer/songwriter, "The Rose," Ojai.California

Mr and Mrs Norman Lear, television producer, Los Angeles.California

Mr and Mrs Mark Johnson, film producer, Los Angeles.California

Duke Power Company, Hendersonville, North Carolina

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Charlotte, North Carolina

Mr and Mrs Sid Sheinberg, studio executive Los Angeles.California

Mr Mark Canton, studio executive, Ms Wendy Finerman, producer,
Los Angeles.California

Ms Ronda Gomez, literary agent, Mr Howard Zeiff, film producer,
Los Angeles.California

Mr David Greenwalt, television producer
Los Angeles.California

Angela Cartwright, artist/actress Los Angeles.California

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