Elaine H Pearsons, Point-O-Graphy Portraits



Elaine Pearsons believes our lives are permeated with color, even when our eyes our closed, listening to a concert, the birds in a rose garden,
or a toddler's giggle. "I want my images to reflect the zest, the spirit, and the richness of life itself. This desire eventually led me to an ebullient form of portraiture, utilizing my unique treatment called
point-o-graphy. These one-of-a-kind portraits become 3-D facades as
I photograph, cut out, and apply various key elements of a person's life, loves, and memorabilia to create a feeling of dimension and joy."

"Elaine has one of the most unusual approaches to hand coloring we've come across. Rather than using oil colors designed for photographs, she creates a pointillist fantasy with jabs and squiggles from an armory of colored markers."

-Modern Photography
"Elaine's not so much a photographer as a multimedia artist a bit like such French Post Impressionists like Seurat who invented pointillism
and Pissaro who would try his hand at anything. She works on photographs, transforming them with inks and cut-outs. Her subjects may be houses and the things in them that their owners treasure. All
of which makes these enhanced photos as a very modern version of
the kind of group portraiture in which 18th century English artists specialized."
-The Boston Globe


Feline Point-O-Graphy Portrait
Close-Up to Show Layers



Traditional photo of Norman Lear and his wife Lyn
Elaine's Point-O-Graphy Portrait, A New Lear



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